The Dog and Pot Blackfriars Road -Congratulations Mount Pleasant On This Day



Produced by Tilbury Editions

Limited Edition of 100 covers, some of which were signed by  Mark Charles Dickens (great-great-grandson of the author)

Southwark’s unique cultural and industrial heritage is celebrated with the inauguration on 6th February
2013 of a replica Dog and Pot sign on Blackfriars Road, Southwark at a landmark site familiar to Dickens.
After working at Warren’s blacking factory at Hungerford Stairs near Charing Cross, the young Dickens
would pass by as he made his way to his lodging in Lant Street – close to his family at the Marshalsea
debtors’ prison.
The idea of bringing the Dog and Pot back to Blackfriars Road was conceived by artist Jason Brooks who
liaised with local historian Stephen Humphrey as part of the Charles Dickens bicentenary celebrations.

The postmark for the Dog & Pot cover was dated on the last day of Dicken’s centenary year, which coincided with the inauguration of the monument in Blackfriars Road.