Being a collector for some years now of Great Britain (GB) Covers, First Day, Illustrated  Special Events ( also known as Commemorative or Souvenir), Special Event postmarks on plain cover and Slogans  both General and Local Publicity it has become noticeable that First Day are well covered for research and reference by a number of websites yet the remainder are not.

The questions I had, How many, if any different illustrated event covers were produced for a specific Special Handstamp Postmark? Is there an illustrated cover for every postmark? Does every illustrated cover have a Special Handstamp Postmark?

We have the invaluable publications of Parsons,  Peachey, Pearson and Finch  to which I give my sincere acknowledgement and thanks.

The purpose of the GBCC website is to fill this electronic void.

The aim is that over the forthcoming years the site will build, with the help of other collectors in to becoming the definitive site to visit to research and reference visually these Event, Slogan covers and postmarks

The numbers quoted at the end of each cover/postmark description is, in respect of Special Event Postmarks the ‘PEARSON’ number and for slogans the catalogue reference number taken from the publications of the above named. My thanks to Colin Peachey for authorising the use of these numbers.

My thanks also to the British Postmark Society

My thanks and acknowledgment to the team at Buckingham Covers Folkestone Kent who have kindly allowed me access to their cover images

Also thanks go to fellow collector Richard DEAN who allowed me access to his CoverCraft covers which I have uploaded on to the site (Search covercraft will return the 108 images) and to Trevor BISHOP another collector who has supplied me with hundreds ( if not thousand +) images for the site, in particular early general slogans.

If on visiting the site you note any illustrated cover not displayed that you have in your collection please consider sending scanned copies to me at info@gbcovercollector.co.uk  so that I can upload the image on to the site.

If you wish to send me paper copies please use the contact form and I will supply you with my address.

Enjoy the site and I would appreciate you leaving any comments /feedback you feel as appropriate again via the contact form

Please visit the Facebook page via the Facebook Icon on the front page. I try and post daily what is happening with the site.

This is a site created and managed by a collector for collectors.


Please send copies  of illustrated events all years and Plain events all years that you can not see on the site as covers now uploaded to current date  

Currently uploading GB, General and Local publicity slogans. Currently 5812 General slogans and 2443 Local Publicity slogans @ 18/02/2022

If you have a special interest in British Forces Postal Service Postmarks  enter BFPS (lower or upper case) and this will return the current 3319 images on the site and there are an additional 117 images of ‘Field Post Office’

Currently 42400 images on the site@ 02/03/2024